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About us Epic Auctions, a Dutch auction house was founded in 2013 and is located next to the A2 motorway in Leende. The first auction Epic Auctions organized took place at Eindhoven Airport and included 150 items of which most where excavators. Since then Epic Auctions has expanded and currently organizes 12 auctions per year. Epic Auctions is an expert in organizing the auctioning of items mainly used in agriculture, earthmoving and transportation. Our international network and knowledge of the industry helps us to support our customers and has led to our continued growth and success. What can you expect from us? All auctions organized by Epic Auctions are no-reserve. This means that all items will be sold, no matter the price. Epic Auctions in addition applies conservative pricing. This offers several benefits to you like a low entrance fee and a low percentage premium for the buying party. Through these conditions all auctions organized by us have a low threshold to participate. In addition to these favourable conditions we are proud of our transparent procedures and “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” culture. “We simply deliver to expectations.” Epic auctions is an auction house with a customer friendly approach and Dutch hospitality. We will help you unloading or loading your goods and a fresh pot of coffee is waiting when you arrive! Epic Auctions offers its services to: Individuals End-users Curators Trading companies Government agencies Leasing companies Rental companies Epic Auctions is your auction house for bankruptcy, business terminations or sales due to a restructuring of your organization. An ideal alternative for the sale of material you need to have exchanged. Experience our customer-friendly approach and the extensive international network of Epic Auctions. Contact us, we are here for you!
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